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Павел Филатов, Python developer в EVO.Company


Задачи на текущей  позиции:


Backend: Build documented and well tested asynchronous microservice (grpc) from scratch. Connected it to the monolith, created fully typed clients for both javascript and python that was distributed via a private package on npm and PyPI respectively. Created an advanced tool for SEO department that took a list of possible tag strings as input and returned all of the info about tags if they were created, such as a number of products, catalog, namespaces, search string and more. Synced all of the tags with the elasticsearch to create more suitable suggestions for users.

Frontend: Rewrote the whole report system with Apollo GraphQL, React hooks and typescript. Started migration to a single page application.

Infrastructure: Configured continuous integration and deployment of the microservice with Kubernetes, helm, gitlab-ci and docker registry.

Product Development: Provided a new insight on a monetization, created a project for potential deals which included tech spec, analytics with diagrams, statistic on users and how they use the current system.

Другие скиллы:

— Python, Typescript, Javascript

— Aiohttp, asyncio, Django, React, Apollo

— Docker, docker-compose, Gitlab CI, Kubernetes, Helm

— GraphQL, gRPC, REST

— PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached

— Celery, RabbitMQ

— Linux

Github: https://github.com/paulefoe/

Medium: https://medium.com/@chimamireme/

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